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Backed by 15+ years' experience, we provide innovative services to protect the family from damage and trauma as much as possible. When necessary, we aggressively protect our clients’ best interests in court.

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Although our focus may be family law, we want to be able to support our clients through thick and thin in a variety of situations that require legal attention. To this end, Carrie Warner Attorney at Law can also provide you with the necessary representation and advocacy in your civil litigation cases. From in-court procedures to pretrial hearings to closing a case, allow our Columbia civil litigation lawyer be the one to help you through this difficult time.

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Civil Litigation Disputes We Can Handle

Some civil litigation disputes may be small scale, existing as a problem between two individuals. Others can include much greater concerns, either between two businesses or with a government entity. Our law firm has the ability and the drive to take on a case of any size and severity, all so our clients can rest easy knowing they do not have to go through such an endeavor alone.

Some of our civil litigation areas of focus include:

Federal wiretaps

Violation of stored communications

Tampering with private email or text messages

Invasion of privacy

Wrongful intrusion

Professional negligence

Injunctive and other equitable relief

Breach of contracts

We have also earned a reputation throughout Columbia for providing honest and effective estate litigation counsel for elders and their loved ones. If a guardianship or conservatorship of your concern has escalated to litigation, we can also be your representatives in such matters.

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Civil litigation can hit close to home, almost quite literally, and set you down a complicated legal path. Ensure that you have done all you can to reach an amicable solution at the end of it by working closely with Columbia Civil Litigation Attorney Carrie Warner. With more than a decade’s worth of legal experience, she and our team can be trusted to take care of your legal dispute.

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