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The act of adopting a child can be one of the most wonderful times in the life of a parent or child. Not only does the act unite a family legally, it also confers legal obligations for the adopting parent on behalf of the child to which he or she otherwise would not be entitled.

Some of the advantages that adoption affords include:

  • Individuals and couples unable to have children of their own can realize their dreams of having a child
  • Provides the same legal rights to a child as if he or she were a biological child of that parent, and terminates the legal rights of the biological parent of that child
  • Allows the adoptive child to inherit by intestate succession from the adoptive parent's estate

If you are interested in adoption, talk to our team during a confidential consultation.

Guiding Adoptive Parents Through the Adoption Process

At Carrie A. Warner, Attorney at Law, we assist all families with adoptions or in obtaining legal custody orders in an effort to unify the family, including same-sex adoptions. We also provide assistance for individuals seeking legal custody over a blood or non-blood individual based upon particular circumstances, such as grandparents seeking custody of their grandchildren.

Because adoption guidelines are very strict, it is important that adoptive parents retain a trusted Columbia adoption lawyer who understands the guidelines pertaining to adoptions in South Carolina in order to ensure that their adoption will succeed. If you wish to adopt a child, we can assist you in this critical and life-changing event.

Guardianship as an Alternative to Adoption

Individuals seeking to have legal rights to care for a child may also seek to establish a guardianship. Legal guardians are responsible for many of the same legal duties as adoptive parents, and enjoy many of the same benefits. However, a guardianship does not legally sever the bond between a biological parent and child.

To discuss your circumstances and options for adoption or guardianship with an experienced Columbia family lawyer, contact us at (803) 994-8171.

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