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The "best interest" of the child is the standard utilized under South Carolina law in making a determination for child custody and visitation.

In divorce cases, as well as cases of unmarried or separated parents, courts must weigh a variety of factors and circumstances in determining which parent or caregiver can best meet the child's physical, psychological, emotional, and general well-being and needs. Typically, visitation schedules for the noncustodial parent are set with the goal of avoiding continued shuffling of children between parent households and to avoid disruption in the children's schedules and routines.

However, each child custody dispute is unique, bringing with it unique circumstances and scenarios that may affect any given outcome. Our Columbia child custody and divorce modifications lawyer, Carrie Warner, would be happy to discuss the details of your case and help you achieve your custody goals.

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Factors Affecting Child Custody Time Plans

Our experienced Columbia child custody lawyers at Carrie Warner, Attorney at Law are familiar with the laws that may affect your case. We are frank and upfront with our clients so that each client is familiar with what obstacles they must overcome.

Factors that may influence child custody decisions in Columbia include:

  • The geographic location of each parent (in state, out of state, or out of country)
  • Stability in the custodial parent's home
  • The abilities of each parent to meet the child's emotional, physical, and other needs
  • The mental and moral fitness of each parent
  • Whether there is, or has been, violence in the home

How Negotiations Can Help

When both parents can mutually agree upon their children's living arrangements, the family unit is preserved as much as possible, and it frees the parties from the emotional turmoil that comes with contentious custody battles. Although our Comumbia child custody attorneys fights aggressively and vigorously on behalf of our clients when needed, the value of amicable negotiations for child custody matters cannot be understated.

Can I Make Changes to a Previous Custody Arrangement?

Depending on the situation, a modification of a child custody order can occur if there has been a change in circumstances since the time of the order. A change that could warrant a modification might be the parent with partial custody finding gainful employment and petitioning the court to have more visitation time or even joint custody of the child. Conversely, a parent might seek full custody of a child in order to protect them from a parent that could now be considered a danger to the child's well-being. Our dedicated legal team has represented many parents facing a variety of scenarios in custody modifications.

To learn more about your child custody options under SC family law - whether through negotiation, litigation or modification - please contact our Columbia chlid custody lawyer at Carrie Warner, Attorney at Law.

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