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Backed by 15+ years' experience, we provide innovative services to protect the family from damage and trauma as much as possible. When necessary, we aggressively protect our clients’ best interests in court.

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Without question, anyone who is thinking about a divorce or who has been served with an action for divorce is very concerned at the outset. You may wonder: "What will happen to my children and how will this affect my assets?"

When possible, our Columbia divorce lawyers at Carrie A. Warner, Attorney at Law will negotiate these issues or provide other creative means to resolve problems to avoid a long, protracted battle in the court system. However, in many cases, litigation is necessary and we can vigorously protect our clients' interests at trial.

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Types of Divorce in South Carolina

Our law firm can assist you with a wide variety of divorce concerns, including:

Simple divorce involves no disagreements, and the parties have pre-determined how they wish to divide their assets and debts and have agreed on child custody and visitation.

Complex divorce/high net-worth divorce requires complex property division involving businesses interests, retirement funds, and real estate, as well as matters involving child custody and visitation, child support, and alimony.

Negotiated/mediated divorce is one in which we advise clients in negotiations or through the mediation process, helping them to craft a resolution while avoiding litigation.

Why Settle? Learn the Benefits of Negotiation in South Carolina

The benefits of attempting to resolve your conflicts, when possible, through negotiation at the beginning of the process are plentiful.

These benefits include:

  • You get more control over the outcome of your case and don't leave the decision to a judge.
  • You can avert costly and protracted litigation in the court system.
  • A quick and fair resolution to provide peace of mind.

We do not suggest that settlement is always the answer and to that end, we fight vigorously to protect our client's interests, whether it is inside or outside of court. Ultimately, our concern is for our clients. Consult with Carrie Warner, Attorney at Law as your Columbia divorce lawyer and we can discuss your unique circumstances and help you determine a legal strategy that will best serve your needs and those of your family.

Talk to us about your divorce needs and goals during a confidential case evaluation with a Columbia divorce attorney.

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