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Modifying, Appealing & Enforcing Family Court Orders

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It is common for an individual's personal or financial circumstances to dramatically change after the issuance of an order or agreement setting out child support or alimony. In fact, courts expect this, which is why individuals are allowed to modify existing family court orders under certain circumstances.

Courts have the ability to enforce their orders through its contempt powers, including ordering enforcement of the terms of the order, attorney's fees and costs, and possible jail time. We assist individuals seeking to enforce the terms of their orders or agreements.

At, Carrie A. Warner, Attorney at Law, our Columbia family lawyers assist clients in actions involving modifications of orders or final agreements in these scenarios. We would be happy to discuss your current situation and whether you qualify for a modification.

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Getting Fair Terms for You and Your Family

South Carolina courts may modify custody and support orders based upon a material or substantial change of circumstances since the issuance of the original order or agreement.

Some important considerations that may influence a modification may include:

  • Whether one party's income increased or decreased substantially
  • Whether one party's cohabiting with another tantamount to a marriage or has remarried
  • Whether the stability of the custodial parent's home life has changed
  • Whether one party has an alcohol or drug problem
  • Whether a party is violent or has committed a crime

In these and other instances, child custody, child support or alimony awards can be modified based upon these changes that may have not been contemplated at the time the original agreement was entered into or an order was issued.

Need to Appeal a Family Court Order?

Upon the issuance of a final Family Court order, our Columbia court order appeal lawyers also handle appeals to South Carolina appellate courts. However, due to time restrictions, it is important to make the decision whether to appeal quickly.

To learn whether your circumstances could warrant a modification of your custody or support terms, or if the outcome of a current legal matter can be appealed, consult with our experienced team of Columbia family attorneys.

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