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Backed by 15+ years' experience, we provide innovative services to protect the family from damage and trauma as much as possible. When necessary, we aggressively protect our clients’ best interests in court.

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Blog Posts in 2015

  • 8-Jul-2015

    Long-awaited victory for same-sex couples

    Friday, June 26, 2015 will go down as a landmark day in U.S. legal history. The long, anguishing wait over the constitutionality of gay marriage (Obergefell v. Hodges) finally ended, with a 5-4 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. The close, but ...
  • 2-May-2015

    Tax Tips Part 2: Married, Separated, Divorced

    As of this moment in time—and for the 2014 tax year— same sex marriage is legal in South Carolina. So whether you filed by the April 15 deadline, or whether you are filing for an extension, same sex couples may file jointly as married, ...
  • 27-Apr-2015

    Tax Tips Part 1: Married, Separated, Divorced

    For most people tax season ends on April 15, as individual tax returns are due to the federal government. It’s been this way ever since 1955. For a good many other folks, however, tax season can last much longer, as individuals scramble to file ...
  • 16-Mar-2015

    Same sex marriage Goes Before U.S. Supreme Court

    Dire ramifications for South Carolina—and the nation There is a lot at stake in the case of DeBoer v. Snyder, a lawsuit originally filed by a lesbian couple on January 23, 2012 in Federal District Court challenging Michigan’s ban on same ...
  • 8-Mar-2015

    Attorney Carrie Warner Launches New Practice & New Website

    Passion for justice. Compassion for people. With the turn of the calendar in 2015, Carrie Warner entered into private practice in Columbia, SC, with a sense of determination to right wrongs, as well as a commitment to help families and individuals ...
  • 5-Feb-2015

    DOMA fight goes to South Carolina MSNBC

    DOMA fight goes to South Carolina MSNBC

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